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This is one of my favourite streaked Valley's seedlings.....it's a result from a cross between Tsuma Tajima x Streaked Mikawa no Yuki.

Nice pointy leaves with good thick leaf substance...









This Valley seedling I found yesterday in my seedling bed and put a side. I like the nice movement in the thick leaves. The blue colour gets better later on the season.










New Valley seedling bed with mostly streaked hostas.





Another seedling in the same seedling patch......this is a sibling from the one I showed yesterday....

It's still early season....so it's getting bigger...

I like the wide margin....












This is a seedling that I found today in my seedlingpatch. I think its a good one for the near future.....

It's a result (seedling) from a streaked Hosta (
Hosta sieboldiana "Elegans")

This Streaked Hosta Icalled...... Hosta 'Valley's Streaked Goose'








This is a Streaked Valley seedling from the cross H. 'Valley's Streaked Goose' x H. 'Empress Wu'

It's a 3 years old seedling..The pictures are taken just after dividing.

I picked up the first seeds from the streaked seedpods this years....




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