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Hostavalley is owned by Jeroen Linneman, Holland (Europe).

He has 63 registrated (American Hosta Society) hostas and around 450 named own Valley introductions.

New Hostavalley introductions for 2019


Hosta 'Valley's Heartbreak Hotel'

Jeroen Linneman ONIR 2018 



This is a new 2018 Hosta Valley introduction.

This is called Hosta Valley's 'Heartbreak Hotel' .

This is the streaked form out of the cross Hosta 'Valley's Streaked Goose' x Hosta 'Empress Wu'. The result of the cross between a streaked Hosta sieboldiana Elegans x the bigest Hosta at this moment'. It's Huge and maybe the bigest streaked hosta around.
leaves are between 47 and 50 cm!!!!


Hosta 'Valley's Pavlova'

Jeroen Linneman ONIR 2015 





Hosta 'Valley's Unicorn'

Jeroen Linneman 2016









Hosta 'Valley's Smoozy Lady'

Jeroen Linneman 2017







The owner of Hostavalley Jeroen Linneman




Zwolle, Netherlands, Europe.

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