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Update July 15 2012

Hosta 'Valley's Big Bang'

J.Linneman 2011 NR.


Hosta 'Valley's Big Bang'  is a one of my newest big leaved hybrids. I have been hybridizing for the last copple of years with big leaved hostas. Also I selected them on there biggest leaves.

This Amos Seedling came from some seeds given to me by Brian and Virginia Skaggs from Indiana (USA). The two persons behind Hosta 'Empress Wu' (the biggest leaved hosta at this moment).

This light blue Hosta came from another big one, called Hosta 'Amos'.

The leaves from Hosta 'Valley's Big Bang' are 45 x 36 cm long (now...the plant is 4 years old).

 The Hosta lookes like a giant monster.

The hugh leaves are impressiv....

This Hosta is still "under construction"..

so meaby the leaves can even become bigger in the next few years.





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