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Hosta 'Valley's Hot Legs'

Jeroen Linneman, ONIR 2010






Plant: 12 in. (30 cm) diameter, 14 in. (36 cm) high; upright; slow.
Leaf: 4 in. (9 cm) long, 4 in. (9 cm) wide; 9 pairs of veins; light green; flat; slightly shiny on top; dull underneath; intensely flat; nearly round; cordate base; petiole is purple.
Scape: 15.7 in. (40 cm) long; green.
Flower: 1.4 in. (4.06 cm) long; tubular; Zwolle, Netherlands - Aug 15 to Oct 1; 8/20-9/15-10/5;
Seed: green seed pod;

Clump History: the original seedling; 5 yrs old; Zwolle, Netherlands;
Notable Characteristics: purple on the petioles that extends into the leaves

Seedling from the cross [H. 'Red Sox' × unknown]




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